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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The dispatch of our eCards works smoothly to 99.9%. We test this daily with all known functions and with most web browsers and e-mail providers.
If the dispatch of eCards does not work, typographical errors are the most common cause.

If you have still questions after reading the faq below, write us your problem. Our e-mail address can be found here: About us


1. Is the virtual dispatch of your eCards at really free of charge?


2. Why did my card not arrive at the intended recipient?

Most of the time, the reason why your card was not deliverd is that your email address is incorrect. Please take a look at the transmission confirmation to make sure you entered the correct address.
The email address has to be copied precisely with exception of the quotation marks. Should that be the case, please make sure that you do not save the wrong email address in your address book. If necessary, delete and retype the address. Sometimes the notification of arrival can be found in your spam folder; alternately, it may be that the mail has exceeded the storage space of your email account.

3. Why did I not receive notification for a reply card sent to me?

Again, typographical errors are the most common cause why a reply card notification has not been received. It is possible that you have incorrectly typed your own email address. If that is the case, the ecard will reach the recipient but the reply will be sent to the wrong address.

4. Despite the email address being correct, why do I keep getting an error message?

Sometimes the email address does not exist because of an extra space or an invalid symbol. Just type the email address manually and remove the spaces.

Additionally, your browser must activate Javascript and cookies must be accepted for the system to work.

5. How do I delete a card?

If the eCard was sent instantly, the notification of arrival is already at the recipient's account. Even though we have the possibility to delete the card and therefore make the message unopenable it is still obvious that the receiver was meant to get an eCard from you. The dispatch of an eCard can be compared with its submission into a letter box. To delete a card that has already been delivered, you must retain the transmission confirmation.

However, it is easier to delete an ecard that has been preprogrammed to be sent later. In this case all that is required is the email addresses of the sender and recipient.
The delivery of preprogrammed ecards takes place at midnight after the change of date.

Registered users can also look at their preprogrammed eCards in their archive, it is also possible to edit the eCard there. The text can be changed, the mail address can be corrected and you can change the mailing date. You can even delete the eCard, please note though that you still have to place it in your Trash.

6. Why can I not open my ecard?

The link in your notification should redirect you to your personal eCard. It can happen however, that the email provider seperates the link and therefore renders it useless. If this happens, just copy the whole line with the link into your browser's address file.
(left click > mark line > right click into the marked part > copy > open your browser > right click into your browser's address file > insert > enter)

Freenet has changed its method of displaying emails. This means that you may be unable to open ecards with Freemail simply by clicking the link. Should this occur while using Freenet, please notify Freenet-support

Another possible reason that you are unable to open an eCard is that the cache of your browser is full. Empty cache:
Internetexplorer: Tools > Internet Options > tab: General > Browsing history > Delete >
Your browser will show you a couple of options do delete items in your cache. It is highly recommended to delete ONLY the temporary files at this time. You are advised to google the functions and not delete other items in the cache.
Mozilla Firefox:
Tools > Options > Privacy > You should see a field "Firefox will... Remember history (default setting). Change this to "Use custom settings for history". You will have a couple of options here. Mark "Clear history when Firefox closes" and then use the "Settings" button to the right.> Make the check with "Cache" > ok. Restart your browser to empty the cache.

These mini-tutorials are made using the following versions:

Internet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18928
Mozilla Firefox: 3.6.6

7. Why can I not see my ecard?

Please right-click somewhere on the page and make sure that the images from are not blocked. Should they be blocked, it can be undone the same way.

8. Why do I not hear music nor see the animations in my ecard?

Internetexplorer: Normally, the music can be heard while using the Internet Explorer. Possbile caueses:
cache may be full. Empty your cache as described above.

Sometimes even that will not work but there is a different possible solution:
Tools > Internet options > tab: Security > Select zone: Intranet > click on the now useable "Sites" button > uncheck "Automatically detect intranet network"
This solution was brought to us by one of our users. Thank you very much!

Mozilla Firefox: Possible errors :
Firefox needs a plug-in to play the music on our page, the Quicktime-Player.
Free download here :
Another possibility is a full cache. Empty cache as described above.

Our music samples, short messages and "sheer nature" have different file formats. If you can hear just a few of the sound files, check the concatenation for midis, .wav, and .mp3 in your browser.

9. The addresses I saved in my address book are gone. How do I retrieve them?

You have deleted your cookies. Your address book is managed with cookies. Addresses are saved via cookies on your computer, not on our server. If you delete the cookies via your browser, your addresses are lost until the next time you send an eCard.

10. Membership

We are offering additional services for our members.
- You can send one eCard to more than one receiver (using this function will remain invisible for the respective receivers)
- You can manually manage your address book. That means adding single addresses, editing and removing them. (Attention: Note that the address book still depends on cookies. Deleting them will have the same results like without membership but you can enter the addresses manually afterwards.
- Use the favourite function on an eCard to send it directly from your account window in the future.
- Manage the received and sended eCards in your archive.
- You can use the eCard Studio to write place your own texts on our eCards.
- You can change or delete preprogrammed eCards in your archive.

Just like sending eCards, the membership is for free.  

11. We will take the chance to suggest reading our terms of use which are listed here: General business terms

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